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Noise cancelling headphones

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Hire noise cancelling headphones at a fraction of the price of buying them. We’ll deliver premium noise cancelling technology to your door, no hassle, no fuss and when you’re done, just return your headphones in their pre-paid box. Easy.

Our high quality noise reduction headphones can be used for travel, work or home and can be hired for up to 28 days. Our headphone hire service is available UK customers aged 18 years and older.

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Browse our range of noise-cancelling headphones for hire. Find the perfect pair for you.

Why noise reduction?

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By using noise-cancelling headphones you can substantially reduce unwanted background sounds. Some headphones are capable of reducing low frequency, consistent background noises by 95%.

Listen to your music or your movies in-flight without the drone or focus in on what you’re doing in the office. Active noise-cancellation is for you; hire quality headphones here at the fraction of their retail price.

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Noise Cancellation Explained

Learn how noise-cancelling technology makes light work of busy environments.