Review: Lindy BNX-60 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Lindy BNX-60 noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth review. Putting these award-winning, headphones on their travels and through their paces. Our Rating | By Joe Hirth, Wednesday, 16th May 2018
Lindy BNX 60 wireless, active noise-cancellation headphones

Lindy BNX 60 wireless, active noise-cancellation headphones

If you’re reading this Lindy BNX-60 review, it’s probably because, like me, you want to know if a pair of budget noise-cancellers can hold up their end of the audio bargain amidst the hustle and hurry of travelling life. Can a pair of sub £100; wireless Lindy noise cancelling headphones really offer me the relaxed flight and a crystal clear soundtrack I’ve come to expect from a decent set of sound blocking headphones?

For my travels, I’ve got my hands on a return ticket from London to Dubai and a pair of Lindy BNX-60 noise cancelling headphones, these Bluetooth® wireless, active cancellation headphones (can be purchased here in the UK for around £80, or can be hired from Place Over Ears). I’m a man hanging around airports and travelling in economy to check out these headphones for their audio quality, to examine their noise suppression and ponder their wireless connection and battery life on a long-haul round trip of 16 hours.

If you’re looking for a pair of wire-free sound blockers to travel with that you’ll find this Lindy BNX-60 review helpful.


Lindy BNX-60 Review

Unpacking these Lindy noise cancelling headphones, the night before my flight, their build quality is immediately apparent.

Lindy have excelled with these wireless headphones. The materials used are exceptionally good for the price and without seeing this figure first, it would have been easy to mistake these headphones with a £150+ pair. 

If you’re travelling with headphones in the sub £100 price range, similar noise cancelling choices, include Sony’s MDR-ZX110NA, TaoTronics TT-BH22, and JVC HA-NC250 and I would urge you to compare the materials and build of these against the Lindy BNX-60, as Lindy have set the bar sky-high here.

For this Lindy BNX-60 review, out of the box;

  • Lindy BNX-60 Headphones with active noise-cancellation
  • 3.5mm audio cable 1.5 metres
  • 1/4″ stereo-plug adapter
  • Dual-plug flight adapter
  • Micro USB charging cable 0.8 metre
  • Carry case with mesh pouch
These Lindy noise cancelling headphones come arrive with a protective travel case and headphone adaptors

These Lindy noise cancelling headphones arrive with a protective travel case and headphone adaptors. Image: © Lindy 2018

For their wire-free connectivity these headphones run Bluetooth (version 4.1) which boasts a 10 metre range.

The headphones are rechargeable – and according to Lindy – you can expect a 12 hour battery life (with cancellation and wireless  switched on); alternatively with these functions disabled the headphones extend to 30 hours playback. 

On the left ear enclosure there is a Bluetooth® pairing and connection LED, a 3.5mm socket – the headphones come packed with an audio lead – which means that you can listen to the headphones when the rechargeable battery is flat (although the noise cancellation function won’t operate). The left can is completed with a microphone a USB charging port and operating buttons (next, previous and play/ pause).

Over to the right side.

The right enclosure has a volume dial, a slide-switch for NC mode. To the touch, these headphones are special, the finish feels matt, and a touch rubbery (almost grippy) and it’s a subtle effect and responds nicely, it’s a finish that makes you feel secure in handling the headphones while you’re on the move, like they won’t slip easily from your hands. However, the volume control dial I felt was a little thin, and while it operated freely, it felt inadequate compared the overall sturdiness of these cans, but this could be considered a minor gripe from me.

The ears enclosures are softly padded and internally, they are finished off in bright red (Lindy colour) fabric; and these have L and R printed subtly. It’s in these finishing touches that, for me, the Lindy BNX-60 accelerates these noise cancelling headphones ahead of competitors in the affordable price band, there’s an attention to detail here which is rare at this price.

The headphones I was handed for this Lindy BNX-60 review arrived with a styled protective travel case which is rugged but while packing for my flight, I found that this case was a bulky to carry in my laptop bag with my carry-on luggage (but I persisted like the true headphone professional I am!).

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These Lindy noise cancelling headphones claim to reduce external noises by 85% and I wanted to investigate this claim in a variety of spaces between London to Dubai, so from door to door, I wore them;

  • On arrival at the airport and waiting to check-in
  • Spending time in the airport lounge
  • Boarding my flight and in the cabin during the flight
An image of Lindy noise cancelling headphones BNX-60 headphones being worn in-flight

After 2 hours of listening in flight, I noticed the BNX-60 ‘grippiness’ to the sides of my head!

Activating the noise reduction circuitry in these Lindy BNX-60 gave me a real sense of disconnection from the outside world. The cancellation works better with steady, similar sounds like jet engines, and it still works in a bustling environment like Heathrow airport (though you can definitely still hear announcements over the tannoy system). The noise-reduction offered in spacious environments is robust, I noticed that in waiting areas with lots of people around me that the background was muted subtly and evenly and that the suppression was not heavy-handed with my soundtrack. 

No lag!

Switching the active noise cancellation function on in this Lindy BNX-60 review, I didn’t notice any lag from the button flick to the noise cancellation effect in my ears and this is brilliant.

Considering that noise cancelling headphones have to respond quickly – they use a microphone to pick up ambient noise, processes it, cancel it, and then send it back into the audio – the Lindy BNX-60 does this with almost no lag, something that similar and even higher priced headphones struggle to achieve.

Lindy’s noise reduction claims for the Lindy BNX-60, I personally feel, are sensible, I would go so far to say that on my flight, I could hardly hear the A380’s 4 engines (they’re big old beasts on that plane too!) and would probably rate the noise-cancellation close to 90% (but of course my ears aren’t precise audio measuring equipment, so you’re best to try a pair out yourself to see if the suppression is capable enough for your world).

Highly Sprung

After listening to the headphones continually for more than 2 hours, I sensed that the ‘phones were a little too ‘sprung’ for my liking, the ear enclosures were gripping the sides of my head more than I would expect and although this was never painful – and knowing that everyone’s headphone fit and preferences are different – I would suggest trying on a pair in-store, to see how they prepare you for long hours is my best advice.

Bluetooth® pairing with these Lindy noise cancelling headphones is simple, just a long press to turn wireless on and an even longer press to put into pairing mode, the LED will flash green and red when awaiting a device to pair.

The wireless connection was really stable and I thought it was great that on my flight, there was no difference in sound quality when switching between Bluetooth® or the headphone cable. However, in the airport the Lindy BNX-60’s button to activate voice dialling didn’t work on my Samsung S9+ smartphone.

Battery life was superb, I never recharged the headphones during my flying time which was 16 hours overall; with some airport lounge pre-flight music each way too. This was all via Bluetooth® and NC enabled, which actually out performed the 12 hour battery life originally quoted by Lindy. Nice!

An image of an in-flight entertainment console and its USB port

If you really wanted to, you could recharge your Lindy BNX-60 in-flight with it’s USB charging lead, but with over 12 hours of wireless playback, why would you?

Moving on to the external microphone, I was a bit sceptical of this because it wasn’t on the supplied cable, instead it is integrated into the left can, so I almost assumed it was going to be too far away from my mouth to be at all useful. Once again I was proven completely wrong by these budget cans. Before I flew with these headphones, I asked a friend to call me, and using this in-built microphone, they said I sounded ‘crystal clear’ so that was a pleasant surprise, and again, we’re talking about noise cancelling headphones for under £100 here!


I wanted to challenge these Lindy noise cancelling headphones on my travels and selected tracks from this handy Spotify headphone testing playlist, I sought stereo tracks that would challenge the BNX-60 for their depth and range while keeping their price tag in mind.

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Traparound 15 seconds into this track, on my home speaker system (Pioneer SC-LX57 amp / Mordaunt-Short Mezzo front / centre / rears) the foot pedal marches in and in comparison (which I used as my audio benchmark for my Lindy BNX-60 review), the headphones handle this entrance well (considering the price) but there’s lack a crispness in that stepping advance and the surrounding details are somewhat sidelined; you can sense the limits of the capabilities of these headphones, but it would be amiss to say this was a failing as the audio quality really is something to admire here.

Bearing in mind that these are not premium in-flight noise-cancellation cans like Bose QuietComfort 35 and would struggle to compete like-for-like, but the vocals in Sweet Disposition were handled brilliantly by these Lindy BNX-60 headphones, with a crisp detail and a balanced tone, making these headphones a superb travel partner for buyers on a budget. 

Lindy BNX-60 noise cancelling headphones

Image: © Lindy 2018

The Verdict – Lindy BNX-60

Overall,  if you’re after a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for under £100, I think there’s nothing better in the market right now. The price, the finish and the look of these headphones make them an ideal choice for buyers taking their first steps into owning their own pair of noise-cancellers for travel, home or work, or as a second, everyday pair for audio aficionados.

I would advise anyone who is looking to use Lindy BNX-60 continuously (more than 2 hours at a time) to head (no pun) to a store and get a feel for them first, but this is more of a comfort and preference recommendation for different audio heads.

If after this, you’re still keen, then you’ve got a fantastic pair of affordable Lindy noise cancelling headphones for your journey.

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