Damage Theft Waiver

By paying an optional, small fee when you hire your noise-cancelling headphones you can choose to join our Damage and Theft Waiver scheme. If you have purchased this waiver and if while in your possession, your headphones become accidentally and irreparably damaged or stolen through a criminal act, we will waive our right to seek suitable compensation from you for the loss of the headphones (excluding your hire deposit for the headphones, which is retained by us).

How Do I Purchase a Damage Theft Waiver?

Our Damage and Theft Waivers is optional. Should you want it, you will need to tick the option which is provided in the product’s hire page.

An image Place Over Ears Damage Theft Waiver option available when hiring headphones

If you are ordering different headphones together, you’ll need to tick the box for each set of headphones you place in your basket. Our waiver fees are calculated at 15% of the item’s hire fees (excluding hire deposits).

What Does Damage Theft Waiver Cover?

Because of its limitations, our Damage and Theft Waiver is not an insurance product. We recommend that during your hire of our noise-cancelling headphones you arrange sufficient, independent cover for the accidental damage or potential theft of your possessions that are both hired and owned by you. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions of hire.

How Do I Claim?

If you have suffered the theft of your hired headphones, please contact us within 48 hours of the incident, even if you are abroad at the time. In order to claim against your Damage and Theft Waiver, you will need to provide details of the crime record given to you by the local police who attended to your incident. Failure to provide a crime record will invalidate any Damage and Theft Waiver claims made.

If you accidentally and irreparably damage the hire headphones, please contact us within 48 hours of the damage, even if you are abroad at the time. Do not dispose of your damaged item(s), as we cannot process your Damage and Theft Waiver claim without your return of the damaged goods.

For more information regarding our Damage and Theft Waiver, please visit our terms and conditions of hire.