Deposits and Fees

Place Over Ears requests a small, refundable deposit for every pair of headphones you rent from us. You can see these amounts in your shopping basket, and we don’t charge your payment method for these amounts at the time of your order.

Deposits are later chargeable if you return the hire headphones late, if you lose any accessories, or if you cosmetically degrade the kit (if you excessively soil or deface it).

Deposits don’t cover against the loss, theft, or breakage of hire headphones from Place Over Ears, so if you’re working or travelling with the headphones, it’s well worth arranging suitable insurance for all the items in your possession.

If the headphones become irreparably or accidentally damaged, or if they are stolen through an act of crime (except during agreed delivery and return methods), the headphones will be need to be reimbursed to us up to the value of the manufacturer’s recommended retail price, less any discretionary deductions we may make.

Damage and Theft Waiver (Optional)

We offer a Damage and Theft Waiver service which may protect the headphones from rare instances of accidental damage or theft. Please visit our Damage and Theft Waiver page to learn more. Terms and conditions apply.

Late Fees

Late fees are chargeable to your deposit(s) if the headphones are sent back later than their ‘Send Back’ date. Your items’ ‘Send Back’ date appears on your order documentation (even if this day falls on a Sunday).

For each day the headphones are delayed in their return, we charge hire fees at a day-rate which is the equivalent to the per-day hire rate (for a hire period that would last four days).


Missing or Damaged Accessories

If the headphones accessories (cases, cables, adaptors, etc.) are missing or damaged. To replace these accessories, we charge;

  • Hard carry cases – £15.00
  • Soft carry pouches – £10.00
  • Leads – £5.00
  • Adaptors – £5.00
  • Instruction manuals – £5.00

Equipment Soiling

Light soiling will be cleaned free of charge and is part of our hygiene standards.

However, if the headphones are excessively stained (food, liquids, etc.) and its performance has not been affected, we will charge a standard £10.00 cleaning charge.

If the item has been damaged by excessive soiling and or wear and tear (beyond what could be considered reasonable), the item may be identified as irreplaceably damaged and we may seek reimbursement for the loss of the product.

Please see our terms and conditions for more information.