Hire headphones

Why hire headphones? One great reason is that headphone rental is cheaper than purchasing headsets, particularly if you only want to use the headphones for a short period of time, for example, travelling or studying or working.

In this way, you can hire headphones to try out quality audio technology at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them upfront. If afterwards, you decide to buy your own pair of headphones, we’ll be glad that we helped to introduce you to some of the best kit available. UK residents, aged 18 years and over can hire headphones from Place Over Ears.

Hire Headphones, Keep Things Nice

We thoroughly clean our hire headphones with a non-perfumed, non-streaking anti-bacterial cleaning solution after each hire. Once freshened, the headphones are tested and sealed in a hygienic package ready for the next customer.

An image of a girl listening to hire headphones

An image of a girl listening to hire headphones

All hire headphones from Place Over Ears arrive with their instruction manual, so that you rest assured that you’ll know exactly how to get the best from them and how to use the headphones safely.


Place Over Ears delivers rented headphones at least one working day ahead of your first day of hire. This means that you will have time to get accustomed to the headphones.

Returning The Kit

You will need to return your rented headphones the day that follows your last day of hire (even if that day happens to be a Sunday). In your package you’ll find a printed pre-paid returns label from Collect+ (applies to household orders only).

If you don’t return your hired items on the ‘Send Back’ day as stated in your order, you may be charged late penalties. For more information visit our returns help page

Do I Need to Pay a Deposit for Hire Headphones?

Place Over Ears requests a small, refundable deposit for every pair of headphones you rent from us. You can see these amounts in your shopping basket, and we don’t charge your payment method for these amounts at the time of your order.

Deposits are later chargeable if you return the hire headphones late, if you lose any accessories, or if you cosmetically degrade the kit (if you excessively soil or deface it).

Deposits don’t cover against the loss, theft, or breakage of hire headphones from Place Over Ears, so if you’re working or travelling with the headphones, it’s well worth arranging suitable insurance for all the items in your possession.

If the headphones become irreparably or accidentally damaged, or if they are stolen through an act of crime (except during agreed delivery and return methods), the headphones will be need to be reimbursed to us up to the value of the manufacturer’s recommended retail price, less any discretionary deductions we may make.

Damage and Theft Waiver (Optional)

We offer a Damage and Theft Waiver service which may protect the headphones from rare instances of accidental damage or theft. Please visit our Damage and Theft Waiver page to learn more. Terms and conditions apply.

Hiring Headphones For Other People

You can hire multiple pairs of headphones in your order; this is helpful should you want your friends, colleagues and family to benefit from Place Over Ears hire headphones. If you are hiring on behalf of other people, please note that while on hire, all headphones remain your responsibility, and please only use our audio products in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.

NEVER give audio products not designed to be operated by children, to children, because if used inappropriately, they can pose a substantial health risk. Learn more about staying safe with hired products.

The team hope that you enjoyed our guide to hire headphones at Place Over Ears. For more information, please contact us.