Responsible Hire

Place Over Ears encourages responsible hire of headphones. In accordance with our terms of hire, this page offers you some helpful advice about the safe use and hire of noise-cancelling headphones.

While Our Headphones Are In Your Possession

It is essential that you take good care of your hire headphones at all times. While in your possession, no matter where they are in the world, our headphones are the responsibility of the person who hired them, and they remain so up until the point of their safe return to Place Over Ears and this extends to headphones that you have hired for others.

If you negligently lose your headphones, if they are accidentally and, or irreparably damaged, or are stolen from you in an act of theft, we will reclaim the hire deposit associated with that item and ask you to suitably reimburse us for the value that remained in the headphones at the time of their loss.

We recommend that during your hire of our noise-cancelling headphones you arrange sufficient, independent cover for the accidental damage or potential theft of your possessions that are both hired and owned by you.

Not For Children

You must not give your hired headphones to children or allow children easy access to your noise-cancelling headphones. Used improperly, headphones can cause hearing damage. As a hirer, you are responsible for the safe operation of the headphones at all times. Your hire headphones will always arrive with their operating instructions, please use the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Our Responsibilities

When you hire from us, we make these commitments to you.

  • We will deliver your headphones in good time before your first day of hire. So that you can get to know your noise-cancelling headphones, we will not charge you for this extra time.
  • Your headphones will be delivered hygienically clean and freshly sealed.
  • The headphones will have been tested prior to their delivery to you, to ensure they perform at 100% for you.
  • Your hire items will arrive packed with all of their accessories and instruction manual.
  • Hired headphones will arrive in a reusable delivery box that you can use to return your headphones (we like to save paper) and we will email your Collect+ label before your hire ends.