Headphone Safety

You love and we love headphones and long may it remain so. Read our top tips for getting the best out of your hires and keeping yourself and others safe.

You love and we love audio kit and long may it remain so.

Read our top tips for getting the best out of your hired equipment and keeping yourself and others safe while you do so.

Staying aware

Never allow excessive headphone volumes to fundamentally compromise your ability to hear warning sounds and safety announcements.

Naturally, noise-cancelling technology make it hard to hear ambient, low-pitched sounds. Take care to recognise warning beeps and auditory reminders; be aware that normal, background sounds may be altered by noise-cancelling technologies.

Please don’t use headphones in places where the inability to hear the sounds around you presents a serious risk to you (such as operating machinery, motor vehicles or bicycles, or at railway crossings or platforms) or others in your working or travelling party.


To prevent damage to your eardrums never use the headphones at excessive volumes for prolonged periods. Listening this way may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Not for children

Only supply young children with audio kit that is clearly marked as suitable for children and always abide by the age recommendations stated in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Due to their small parts and entanglement hazards, young children should never be allowed to use headphones without adult supervision.

No friend of moisture

Unless built to handle it, audio technology, doesn’t like liquid.

Avoid storing or operating kit where excessive water or moisture is present, this includes beaches, bathrooms, and swimming pools. Keep technology dry and it will love you back.

Hide me away

You admire your hired technology and others will too. Avoid unwanted attention by securing the kit out of sight. In airports and public spaces, be mindful of the location of your audio friends.

Got wheels? If you’re parked, lock portable kit safely out of view or better, take it with you.

Unsporty in the extreme

Audio kit is just like a person; great in temperate environments, prone to malfunction in extreme conditions; be a friend to your hire by not using it in hot sunlight, placing it near heating devices, or exposing it to humid or dusty places for long periods.

Let me down gently


Avoid carrying technology in luggage that contains sharp or metallic objects, and if you have to, safely tuck your kit away in its protective pouch. Please don’t expose your audio friends to strong impacts. Headphones have refused to play music to owners who’ve upset them.