Silent Cinema Headphones

A silent cinema event has the power to transform your screening into an all-time classic performance. Using specially designed, wireless headphone system that can tune into any one of three audio tracks, silent cinema headphone systems allow organisers to showcase multiple movies to audiences at the same time, no matter the space available or the size of the gathering.

Here’s Place Over Ears’ guide to holding your own silent cinema event and why this style of screening can be a real crowd-pleaser for all ages.

An image of an audience at a cinema screening

Why Hold a Silent Cinema Event?

If you’re a screening or performance organiser, a silent cinema system can make for a successful event;

  1. With up to three soundtracks transmitting simultaneously, your guests can simply tune into the movie of their choice or listen to optional commentaries, language or audio descriptions.
  2. This flexible headphone system permits the effective screening of multiple movies or events in one space without audio overlap, making multi-screen events possible in smaller spaces.
  3. Silent cinema headphones can feature subtle, LED light-up effects, like our Place Over Ears PH020 headphones, which glow the colour of the soundtrack being listened to (red, green or blue), making the audience feel more at one in a shared experience with other movie fans.
  4. Getting over noise issues. Late night noise curfews that might be imposed on screenings can be potentially avoided. You, your audience and your neighbours are happy.

Using Silent Cinema Headphones at Your Event

For every audio track you wish to broadcast at your silent cinema, you will need a transmitter, for example our Place Over Ears PH021 stereo transmitter – which connects to your sound mixing via RCA phono leads or from the headphone jack from a computer – and this transmitter broadcasts an FM signal with an optimum range of either 200 or 500 metres (through walls and ceilings) which the silent cinema headphones receive.

Up to three channels of audio can be transmitted simultaneously by three transmitters.

To illustrate, if you have a directors commentary, the movie audio, and an audio description track offered to your movie-goers, you will require three transmitters.

An illustration of different audio channels in use during a silent cinema event

Set each transmitter to transmit either channel 1, 2 or 3 at your screening.

Each headphone is battery-powered and fitted with a 3-way channel switch that tunes the headphones to the preferred audio source and when connected, the headphones glow blue for channel 1, red for channel 2, or green for channel 3. This colourful glow offers a quick indication of which audio channels the audience is tuned to.

Some headphones, like our Place Over Ears PH020 headphones permit your audience to adjust the volume to their exact liking too.

We hope that you found our guide to silent cinema headphones useful. If you have any questions about the use or hire of headphones at your event, please contact the team at Place Over Ears.