Silent Disco Headphones

As a party organiser you want your dancefloor to be a fun and vibrant space where colourful memories are made. Silent disco headphones are an essential part of an easy-to-use ‘Silent Party’ audio system which transmits up to three DJ sets or playlists simultaneously to the dancefloor giving everyone at your disco the opportunity to groove to their favourite style of music.

With their soundtrack flexibility – and often bright LED colours –  many party planners choose silent disco headphones as a unique and memorable audio experience for their guests’ big night. But what is involved in running a headphone party? What does a silent disco look like and what should you know before you introduce a headphones-only dancefloor at your event?

An image of silent disco headphones being used at a party

Photo credit: Dashanchia, Wikipedia

How Does a Silent Disco Work?

At your party it’s likely that you’ll either supply the music yourself or you’ll hire a DJ to play the night’s tunes.

Similarly, silent disco headphones can be hired from a variety of suppliers, including ourselves at Place Over Ears. Our silent disco headphones can receive up to 3 different DJ sets or playlists being played simultaneously and for every audio track you want to play on your dancefloor you’ll need a headphone transmitter.

To illustrate, if you have house music, pop and rock offered simultaneously to your party-goers, you will require three transmitters. If you just want to play just pop, you need just one headphone transmitter.

These transmitters are the beating heart of your silent party system and when connected to your DJ’s mixer or your media device – such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone – these small but powerful boxes stream your audio via a UHF radio signal to an infinite number of silent disco headphones that are powered up and tuned into the correct channel, up to 500 metres away through walls and ceilings.

Your silent disco headphones will arrive pre-tuned to these three channels, so on the big night you won’t need to do anything more than power them up and flick them to the correct channel to get things moving.

Alongside this your silent disco transmitters (if hired from a reputable company) should arrive with all the connectors you or your DJ needs to plug them into the right audio output – RCA phono leads or 3.5mm headphone outputs being the most common connection methods.


An illustration of a DJ playing tunes at a silent disco

On the big night, you or your DJ will set each transmitter to broadcast on either channel 1, 2 or 3. When it’s time for your silent disco, give your guests easy access to a pair of headphones (by either having them ready at each table, at a dedicated table or by handing them out at the start of the night), flick them on and away your dancefloor goes!

During your party each headset is fitted with a 3-way channel switch that tunes the headphones to the preferred audio source (for example, your house DJ, a rock n’ roll set or the pop playlist) and when connected, headphones will glow a dedicated colour for that audio channel. Our silent disco headphones glow blue for channel 1, red for channel 2, or green for channel 3. This colourful glow offers a quick indication of which audio channel(s) are popular on the dancefloor.

Silent Disco Headphones – What are the Pros and Cons?

If you’ve ever been to a silent disco yourself you’ll know that a headphone-only dancefloor is different experience compared to a speaker-powered party.  A headphone party is remarkably easy to set up and run and here’s some things to consider before stepping out on your headphone dancefloor adventure;


  • With on-board headphone controls (volume control and a channel selector) your partygoers are in complete control of the music they want to hear. This makes for a more fun and enjoyable disco night for your guests
  • A lack of speakers at a silent disco event makes this style of dancefloor ideal for celebrations which need to navigate noise constraints and curfews
  • Some guests just don’t like to dance. By containing the soundtrack to headphones, non-partying guests who want to chat and relax away from the dancefloor can do so without being followed by a wall of disco beats
  • It’s an innovative way to entertain! Hireable silent disco headphones often feature brightly coloured LED light up effects, so you can quickly see the favourite soundtrack on the dancefloor. DJ often compete to win over the dancefloor to light it up in their colour.
  • Partying outdoors? As long as you’re keeping out of wet weather, recharge and portable headphone transmitters give you the option to take your silent disco to places where there is no mains power.


  • Speak to your audio team or your DJ before arranging your silent disco headphones. If your DJ hasn’t held a headphone party before, they will probably want to know more about the kit, how it connects and how you want the night to run. If you hire your headphones from a reputable rental company (like us!) we’ll happily chat to your audio team before your silent disco. To run a successful headphone party you’ll want your DJ to be happy and on-side!
  • Silent disco headphones may be a new experience for your guests. Try to be on hand to help them pop the earphones on, flick the channels and adjust the volume to get them on the dancefloor.
  • You can encourage partygoers to join in your silent disco by giving headsets to the party people who you know will always head to the dancefloor first! Seeing others on the dancefloor will always encourage guests to join in the fun!
  • The absence of a party soundtrack could easily unnerve some party planners. To avoid this, some parties output one of their audio channels as a background soundtrack via a speaker system, meaning that non-headphone wearing guests can enjoy the audio too.
  • Very young children shouldn’t be offered silent disco headphones. You can learn more about staying safe with headphones here.