Staying Safe With Headphones

Protect Your and Your Guests’ Hearing

Always check the volume level of the headphones before placing them over your head. To prevent hearing damage to your eardrums, never operate headphones using excessive volume. Listening to loud volume over an extended period may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Never for Young Children

Event headphones must never be used by young children. Under no circumstances should headphones – that are not specifically designed for small children – be used or operated by the young as improper use may lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. Headphones with cables also represent an entanglement hazard for small children.

No Friend of Moisture!

Unless labelled otherwise, our headphones and transmitters are not splash-proof or waterproof, please do not attempt to use them in outdoor wet weather conditions or damp environments. Incorrect use can cause you and your guests injury and permanent damage to the equipment. If you cannot hold an outdoor event with your headphones due to wet weather, please get in contact with us as soon as possible, while we cannot change the weather we may be able to reschedule another loan to you at no extra cost to you.

Staying Aware

At an event or during personal use, never allow excessive headphone volume to fundamentally compromise your ability to hear warning sounds and safety announcements.

Naturally, noise-cancelling technology makes it hard to hear ambient, low-pitched sounds. Take care to recognise warning beeps and auditory reminders; be aware that normal, background sounds may be altered by noise-cancelling technologies. Please don’t use headphones in places where the inability to hear the sounds around you presents a serious risk to you and others (such as operating machinery, motor vehicles or bicycles, or at railway crossings or platforms).

Hide Me Away

You admire your hired technology and others will too. Avoid unwanted attention by securing or locking the kit out of sight before and after its use.

Unsporty in the Extreme

Audio kit is just like a person; great in temperate environments, prone to malfunction in extreme conditions; be a friend to your hire by not using it in hot sunlight, placing it near heating devices, or exposing it to humid or dusty places for long periods.

Let Me Down Gently

Ouch! Please don’t expose your headphone friends to strong impacts. Headphones have refused to play music to owners who’ve upset them.