Corporate Events and Wireless Headphones

Multi-channel headphones offer corporate events and their organisers the opportunity to engage with their audience through audio in a profound way. With up to three audio tracks simultaneously offered to lightweight wireless headphones, this personalised audio system ensures that presentation and showcases deliver their message with focus and impact.

A photo of corporate events where wireless headphones can make a profound difference to the audience experience

Headphones at Corporate Events?

By using a wireless, multi-channel headphone system at your event, you can better attune your message in the mind of your audience. The benefits of this audio system, include;

  1. With up to three audio tracks transmitting simultaneously, headphone wearers can simply flick between the soundtrack that suits them. Different languages, audio tracks and presentations can be offered during sessions.
  2. New, flexible ways to utilise exhibition space and zones. Three speakers can present at the same time, with the audience choosing who to listen to, for corporate events where space and room availability must be maximised, multi-channel headphones can support sectioning and zoning of presentations and demonstrations in just one space.
  3. Natural background noise at exhibitions and events can unintentionally distract attendees from important presentation content on screens and devices. Over-ear conference headphones, such as our Place Over Ears PH018 wireless headphones by design can isolate visitors from a level of background noise and keeping them focused upon the message.

Operating these Wireless Headphones at Corporate Events

For every audio track you wish to broadcast at your corporate event, you will need a transmitter, for example our Place Over Ears PH021 stereo transmitter – which connects to your audio source via RCA phono leads or a headphone jack from a device – and this transmitter broadcasts an FM signal with an optimum range of either 200 or 500 metres (through walls and ceilings) which compatible headphones receive.

Up to three channels of audio can be transmitted simultaneously by three transmitters.

To illustrate, if a keynote presentation takes place in English, and simultaneously you wish to translate this into French and German, you will require three transmitters.

An illustration of corporate events where multiple translations can be carried by wireless headphones

Set each transmitter to transmit either channel 1, 2 or 3 at your corporate event.

Each headphone is battery-powered and fitted with a 3-way channel switch that tunes the headphones to the preferred audio source (for example the speaker’s mic channel or presentation soundtrack), when connected the headphone LED lights blue for channel 1, red for channel 2, or green for channel 3. This LED gives a clear visual indication of which audio channel the attendees is tuned to.

Some headphones, like our Place Over Ears PH018 wireless headphones permit the wearer to adjust the volume to their exact liking.

We hope that you found our guide to wireless headphones at corporate events useful. If you have any questions about the use or hire of headphones at your next conference or event, please contact the team at Place Over Ears.