The website you’re visiting began life as an idea on a train journey with my mum in 2007. My mum is a nice person and she likes helping other nice people; amongst her time, our home, our pets*, and our assembled belongings, she’s been known to lend stuff to friends who find themselves without; or those who find themselves within airplanes, with no headphones.

Friends of the travelling variety would return with tales of global adventures and too many photos; they would enthuse about borrowed technology that could make light work of long distance. So there I am, on a train, with an idea that won’t depart from my head. What if we could give people easier access to amazing technology that makes travelling better and more enjoyable? Eight years later and Place Over Ears arrives.

No idea is an island, and between April 2013 to January 2015 a small group of talented, supremely generous, and enthusiastic people have, each in their own way, supported the lifting of this small star into the digital heavens. Against a backdrop of late nights, a launch date with a mind of its own, and an endless roster of favours; this corner of Place Over Ears is called Much Love and it’s dedicated to:

My dad Tom and my mum Linda, who have only ever shown me love and faith throughout my journey. Devoted in the good times and unswayed in the turbulence, love eternally. A big thanks to the other Cherry’s including my brother Neil ‘listen bruv’, Becky, and the Meek family too for their love and support.

One for the tech kids. Place Over Ears was co-coded into life by Thomas ‘I just don’t get this VAT calculation’ Bangham of Phoenix Web Solutions. Through 12 months of late-night code re-writes, basket testing and a payment gateway install saga that would befit a small country, you did more than amazing TB. An infinite loop of unconditional thank you’s to you. This website is built upon open-source technologies that are the products of a community of thousands of anonymous coders who don’t ask for anything in return for the time they give and help people they’ve never met or owe. I extend warm gratitude to the communities of Stack Overflow, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML and CSS standards at W3.org, HTML5 rocks!, W3 Schools, PhP.net, MySQL, and WordPress. Some of the little touches that make the site easier to use are code and tools produced by Colorzilla, bassistance.de, Anything Slider, FancyBox and Pollenizer’s navigation plug in. Many thanks to Debbie and the support teams at Sage Pay and the team at Computors for their tech advice during the ‘gateway crisis’ of 2014.

Huge thanks to Nik ‘Hello maaaate!’ Jordan, of Nik Jordan Photography who sculpted the Place Over Ears logo and its artwork concept into life. I am indebted to Katie ‘KL Flippers’ Leedham of Creative Roar who’s an extremely talented and enthusiastic designer who was relentless in creating a stunning set of illustrations that jump from the page. Bright future Katie. Thanks to Sean Bird at Daredevil Creative, the one-man Adobe support network to Place Over Ears and not forgetting the idea machine, Andy Goodwin. Thanks to Carl Burnett for the N4 moments, and Mike and Matt at Stones Throw Media for the Peep Show one-liners; much gratitude to Stephen Wyer at George Green LLP for helping us with the legals, thank you to Audio Technica and BBG Distribution for their technical headphone support.

Life is an education. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the Business Solutions and Science Park teams at the University of Wolverhampton. Galloping gratitude to Becky ‘KFG’ MacDonald who has raced her way through a hundred hurdles, all tackled in her own time and at weekends to help me launch Place Over Ears; much appreciation to Marc Fleetham and Nigel Birch for their professional flexibility and their encouragement of an entrepreneurial spirit at the University. To Nigel ‘I don’t like that font’ Babb and the management team and the security staff at WSP, thank you for incubating POE. Thank you to Helen ‘Costa coffee’ Hunter and Clare ‘Fennel tea’ MacKinnon for copy-checking and proof-reading many pages of headphone and audio related words.

Always a journey, never a destination. A close-to-home thank you to my friends who keep me moving. To my longstanding friend Tom (a PS4 soon, yeah?) Wardle and his better half Stacey (for putting up with late night gaming) much respect. Deep gratitude to John and Claire, Dave and Helen, and Sue White for having open doors and the warmest of welcomes. Thank you to Asya for the Canterbury coffees and unshakeable belief, thanks to Neil Dallaway for sandwiches and football; huge respect to Tim ‘stoked’ Davies who was there waaaay back at Ninth Robot and kept the enthusiasm alive; much admiration on this side too my friend. Thank you to the team at Canterbury Christ Church University for the web lessons and the all round awesomeness of summer 2013, thanks to Ginette, Ian, Luke, Chris, and Rob. Thank you to Dr. Wim Van Vuuren, the generosity of your time over the years hasn’t been forgotten and thank you to Nicola Burr for your social media faith! And to you, my web-travelling, audio-loving and headphone-sporting guest, I thank you! Happy travels.

Paul Cherry,
Founder, Place Over Ears

*in fairness that was exaggerated, my mum has never lent our pets to friends.