Headphone extension cable (2 metre)

Premium 2m, 3.5mm headphone / aux extension cable.
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Extend your headphone reach or audio output by up to 2 metres. Suitable for 3.5mm jack plug connections our quality extension cable carries pitch perfect signals from smartphones, MP3 players, laptops, tablets, and Hi-Fi equipment further.

These Headphone extension cable (2 metre) feature:

Extend your jack cable with maximum transfer quality without any loss of signal!!

Our extension cable is ideal for all 3.5mm connections
that need to be extended. It serves as a flexible extension for the 3.5 mm jack connection.
Just connect it to your existing audio devices such as mobile phones, smartphones,
MP3 players, iPhone, iPad, iPod or even tablet PCs.

Note: A 3-pin stereo cable is suitable only to a limited extent for use with an audio extension
cable, as the microphone signal cannot be transmitted. Only the sound (left/right) is transferred.
Headset functions such as “Next” and “Previous”, “Play” or “Stop” are not supported using this cable.

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