Place Over Ears PH018

Wireless and comfortable headphones suitable for audiences. Capable of receiving 3 channels of audio via UHF transmitters.

Place Over Ears PH018 are high-quality and comfortable wireless headphones that can receive up to three channels of audio at your event, which means that audiences in the same space can listen to different languages or alternative soundtracks simultaneously.

Used in combination with our easy-to-set-up headphone transmitters; speeches, presentations and performances being lost in the hustle and bustle of a public space are a thing of the past.

Depending on the choice of your audience, with the flick of a switch, they can hop between audio channels 1, 2, or 3. Each headphone has its own dedicated volume control and channel selector for easy switching between audio channels, if required.

You can use an unlimited number of these headphones at your event, listening to any one of up to three channels of audio. These PH018 are capable of receiving up to 500m away, in optimal conditions, through rooms and obstructions.

Designed for extended listening periods, whilst worn these headphones will not distract your audience, they are light to wear (just 186g with their 2 x AA batteries installed) and their padded ear enclosures and headband offer comfortable listening.

These Place Over Ears PH018 feature:

  • Open wireless RF stereo headphone system
  • Designed for event and conference use
  • 3-position switch for 3 channel selection
  • Volume control
  • Wireless freedom, up to 500 metres, through walls and ceilings (using optimum line of sight)
  • Wired headphone connection option
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
  • Double Phase Lock Loop (PLL) system for optimum signal reception and stability
System UHF/RF
Modulation FM
Frequency Response 30-20,000Hz
Mode Stereo
Channel Option 3 channels
Power supply AAA x 2, 1.5v per
Battery life (approx.) 20 hours
Weight (net) grams
Channel separation >35dB
Driver 40mm nylar
THD <1%

Please note

These wireless headphones can’t function without a transmitter. For each channel of audio you wish to transmit to these headphones, you’ll require a Place Over Ears PH021 transmitter. Learn more

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