POE Silent Disco Headphones (150 pack)

A pack of 150 dancefloor wireless headphones with powerful and crisp audio response, 3 channel reception and light-up LED effect.
Save 45% on your hire fees

Our 150 pack of PH020 silent disco headphones are a floor-filling favourite for parties of all sizes; these dynamic and bass-powerful party headphones can receive one of up to three different DJ soundtracks simultaneously using our headphone transmitter system. Every guest, whether they love house music, pop, or rock, can hot-step to their favourite tune.

Silent discos offer a unique party experience. Depending upon the audio channel that is tuned to, our silent disco headphones will brightly illuminate blue, red, or green and this offers a mix of colours across the dancefloor and guests moving to different beats in the same space. A silent disco headphone system makes for a fun talking point on the night and great after-party memories.

What’s more, if you don’t have a professional DJ to hand, you can still easily run your silent disco.

Our compatible PHO21 headphone transmitter will arrive with connectors that will allow you to broadcast your smartphone, tablet, or laptop PC playlists to these silent disco headphones. Alternatively, if you have a DJ, this party headphone system easily connects to mixing desks via RCA phono connectors.

These PH020 silent disco headphones offer a powerful audio performance and their padded on-ear enclosures means that they are comfortable to wear for long dancefloor sessions. Each headphone features an onboard channel selector and volume control so that your guests are in complete control of their soundtrack.

If you’re new to organising a silent disco event, why not check out our helpful guide?

Will your silent disco event be on-the-move?

These silent disco headphones also work effortlessly with our portable UHF headphone transmitter system (with an effective broadcast radius of 300m, in optimum conditions).

These POE Silent Disco Headphones feature:

  • Open wireless RF stereo headphone system
  • Specially designed for parties and events
  • Illuminates to indicate channel selection
  • Folding design for easy storage
  • Slide switch for channel selection
  • Personal volume control
  • Soft on-ear pads for comfortable wearing
  • Wireless freedom through walls and ceilings (when used with UHF headphone transmitter)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 10 hours operation
Model PH020
System UHF / RF
Operating freq. 863MHz / 864MHz / 865MHz
Modulation FM
Mode Stereo
Channel options 3
LED illumination Blue, Red or Green
Signal-to-noise ration >75dB
THD <1%
Driver 40 mm mylar
Frequency response 30-20,000Hz
Channel separation >35dB
Operation time 10 hours
Charging time 3 hours
Power supply Rechargeable Lithium-Plymer battery (500 mAh)

Please Note

These wireless headphones can’t function without a transmitter. For each channel of audio you wish to transmit to these headphones (up to a maximum of 3 channels), you’ll require a UHF headphone transmitter. Learn more >

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