POE UHF Portable Headphone Transmitter

Portable and rechargeable 3 channel UHF transmitter specially designed for on-the-move headphone events.

Our PH022 portable UHF headphone transmitter is specially designed for headphone events that take place on-the-move or away from mains power. This lightweight, rechargeable transmitter will¬†broadcast a powerful and accurate FM signal to an unlimited number of wireless event or silent disco headphones for up to 10 hours. With an optimal signal reach of up to 300 metres (900ft) you can’t fail to connect to your audience with this capable transmitter.

For each channel of audio you wish to transmit to your headphone-wearing audience, you’ll need one of these transmitters. Each transmitter is capable of switching between 3 channels of broadcast on 863MHz, 864MHz, and 865MHz, and can connect to your playback device via Bluetooth or via a 3.5mm jack. For spoken-word events and tours, the transmitter also comes complete a clip microphone.

Need a mains-powered transmitter instead?

If you have access to mains power at your event and require an increased broadcast range of up to 500 metres, our PH021 UHF Wireless Headphone Transmitter is an ideal choice.

These POE UHF Portable Headphone Transmitter feature:

  • Wireless stereo transmitter
  • Integrated microphone function for instructors, speakers
  • Audio 3.5mm jack for source input
  • Bluetooth function for wireless connecting to devices
  • Long-lasting lithium battery with 10 hour performance
  • Designed for party, on-the-move events and yoga
  • Range of up to 300 meters (900 feet)
System UHF/RF
Modulation FM
Mode Stereo
Frequency 863MHz / 864MHz / 865MHz
Channel option 3 channels
Effective range 300 m (900 ft)
 Power supply Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery / 12v DC adaptor
Frequency response 30-20000Hz
Signal to noise ratio >50dB


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