POE UHF Headphone Transmitter

Powerful UHF stereo, 3 channel headphone transmitter with a maximum operating range of 500m. Ideal for events and silent discos.

Our PH021 wireless UHF headphone transmitter will broadcast a powerful and accurate FM signal to an unlimited number of wireless event or silent disco headphones. With an optimal signal reach of up to 500 metres (through ceiling and walls) you can’t fail to connect to your audience with this capable transmitter.

For each channel of audio you wish to transmit to your headphone-wearing audience, you’ll need one of these transmitters. Each transmitter is capable of switching between 3 channels of broadcast on 863MHz, 864MHz, and 865MHz, and offers you control of higher and lower power transmitter settings.

Ready to go. Powered by its 12v mains adaptor (included) our PH021 wireless UHF headphone transmitter also arrives complete with RCA phono to 3.5mm audio connections allowing you to connect it to smartphones, laptop PCs and tablets loaded with your playlists.

Need a portable transmitter instead?

If you need a transmitter that can move with your event, our PH022 UHF Portable Headphone Transmitter is an ideal choice.

These POE UHF Headphone Transmitter feature:

  • Wireless stereo transmitter
  • Channel LED display
  • Robust construction for events and parties
  • Three selectable channels
  • Effective range of up to 500 metres
  • Works with 2 and 3 channel wireless headphones
  • Stereo
  • FM
  • Audio input: RCA / phono (includes RCA / phono to headphone adaptor)
  • Power supply: DC12v adaptor (UK) included
System UHF/RF
Modulation FM
Mode Stereo
Frequency 863MHz / 864MHz / 865MHz
Channel option 3 channels
Effective range Low power mode: 200 m (600 ft), high power mode: 500 m (1500 ft)
 Power supply DC 12v adaptor (UK mains)

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